Casual Font Design

Megaante Font

Megaante is the latest modern calligraphy font with an iconic casual style. This typeface is perfect if used for personal branding, wedding invitation card designs, and maybe can be used for other formal events.

Bargemo Font

Bargemo is today's modern typography, the most widely and popularly used as a display for headings, product logos, company branding, magazine covers, product packaging, and formal invitation designs. The Bargemo typeface is unique with clean lines decorated with subtle curves giving an extra touch of class to any project you're working on.

Glitten Elegant Font - Brandsemut Product

Glitten is an elegant serif typeface that is guaranteed to be very classy if you can use it. Its really modern appearance and able to invite you to reminisce is very suitable to be used as design material for your logo, magazine cover, and images on social media. It is suitable for those of you who are in need of an elegant, stylish, classy, chic and modern touch for your design work.

Nebula Sci-Fi Futuristic Font

One of the future fonts in the making inspired by various science fiction films and books is the Nebula Sci-Fi Font. The minimalist style for this typeface is able to provide a more modern, elegant and futuristic point of view and appearance. This font is suitable for designing various purposes such as films, posters, logos, labels, webfonts, and can be used for other modern purposes. Presented with a wide selection of characters to suit your needs.

FAUNA Futuristic Font

This casual style font is inspired by hi-fi elements combined with straight lines with square shapes. A font that has Constructivism features, including solidity, quirky geometric sides, and a strong and bold futuristic character will further make this font an ideal choice for making your craft designs with a much more modern look.

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